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June 20, 2014
Charter School Directors
FROM Tracy S. Weeks
Please forward this communication to the appropriate staff members who are responsible for Home Base EOY
We are coming to the end of our first school year using Home Base. District and state staff have gone above the call of
duty all year long and it’s time to make one last sprint to successfully complete the year together. The PowerSchool
End-of-Year (EOY) process closes out the current school year and transfers all students to the grade level and school
for the upcoming year. In case you missed any of the earlier communications related to EOY, please be sure to review
the NC SIS website at, paying particular attention to the North Carolina Specific
End-of-Year User Guide at Key
topics are outlined below for your awareness and attention in case you missed them from a prior communication.
LEAs/Charters may execute EOY on their own or may choose to have NCDPI execute the process. However, all
LEAs/Charters must identify a key PowerSchool contact person and provide that person's 24/7 contact
information no later than June 25, 2014, whether the plan is to execute locally or have NCDPI execute the EOY
process. Contacts received by the Home Base Support Center (HBSC) thus far are posted on the NC-SIS EOY Page
with daily updates.
If you have opted to run your own EOY and you did not provide all of the required information, including 24/7
contacts to the HBSC or via the EOY survey, then your district personnel may not be able to execute EOY. To
remedy this situation, contact HBSC immediately at 919-807-4357. If HBSC executes EOY for your district and EOY
validation is unsuccessful, HBSC will contact your identified staffer. In the event that district staff are not available or
cannot complete corrections in a reasonable amount of time, HBSC will modify the student information accordingly.
Further details are outlined in the End-of-Year User Guide.
It is imperative that all districts perform EOY validation and resolve these errors. EOY will not run with invalid data.
Failure to address data validation errors in advance will create additional effort on the part of schools and districts and
could create enrollment and/or transfer issues. Possible consequences of not carefully following instructions include
unexpected grade promotions and transfers and negative impacts to North Carolina official transcripts and other
features that require correct class rank.
Thank you again for your attention and cooperation throughout this challenging year. Please contact the Home Base
Support Center at 919-807-4357 (HELP) for clarification or questions.
PowerSchool Coordinators
Technical Directors
Michael Nicolaides
Philip Price
Rosalyn Galloway
Tracy S. Weeks, Ph.D., Chief Academic and Digital Learning Officer |