Jennifer Serravallo - Iowa Reading Association

Iowa Reading Association
June 23 – 24, 2015
• 1st book - The Nuts, Bedtime at the Nut
• Available July 29, 2014
• Book will have music and movement
• Also will have a nutty lullaby
Statewide Book Study
Grades K - 12
Gallagher or Serravallo study
Two or more in a group
One hour graduate credit
One hour renewal credit
Registration info on website
Must be a member of Iowa
Reading Association
 English Coordinator for the Anaheim Union High
School District, an urban district comprised of
37,000 secondary students
 Co-Director of the South Basin Writing Project at
California State University, Long Beach
 Adjunct professor at California State University,
Fullerton, where he taught secondary literacy
Statewide Book Study
Grades K-2
Statewide Book Study
Grades 3 - 6
Best Selling Author
NBC News Anchor
“In order to teach children you must enter their view of the world.” Julia Cook
Award winning professor at Eastern Michigan University
Spent her life promoting literacy
Advocating for children
Celebrating the joys of teaching, parenting, and living
Humorous, enthusiastic and inspirational education speaker
Thought-provoking message
Shares the joys and challenges of teaching
 Award Winning Poet
 Called “The King of Giggle
Poetry” by his fans
 Creator of the popular
GigglePoetry website
 Author/editor of humorous
poetry books that have sold
over three million copies
Adventures with the
Series of 12 National
Park Adventures
Consultant for The
Weather Channel
Author of more than
75 books for teachers
and children
• Professor at Indiana State University
• Inspirational
• Motivational
• Educational
• Leading authority on staff
• Written over 30 books
• Middle school language arts teacher in Florida
• Won several awards for her innovative approach
• Believes that “learning sticks” when students are engaged
• Author of four teacher resource books
Engage Striving Students in the
Common Core Classroom
Active Word Play
Student Engagement
in Fundamental
Creative Book Reports
Session Speakers
Owner and Founder of
Created 14 original cd’s and
dvd’s which teach beginning
reading and math skills
• Iowa author of the New York
Times bestseller Ida B, and
author and illustrator of
Emmaline and the Bunny
(Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the
Year) and True (…Sort Of)
• Currently working on the
illustrations for her upcoming
picture books, Dirt + Water =
Mud and Do You Mean…?
Iowa City author
Published 5 novels
Two books about the Civil War
Forthcoming novel,
Finding Fortune
about the pearl button
history of Muscatine
Iowa City Author
When Anju Loved Being an Elephant
I Am Tama, Lucky Cat
 Award-winning author of both
fiction and nonfiction
 Novels, inspired by real heroines
on America’s home front, are
marked by their historical integrity
and gritty inspiration