Open House PPT iPrep Parent Orientations Presentation

AUGUST 27TH, AND 28TH 2014
iPrep math is a mathematics class model that incorporates innovative
teaching strategies in a technology-rich environment. The iPrep
model incorporates personalized learning for all students. The
curriculum is based on Florida education standards, while creating
pathways for future student success. The setting is more reminiscent
of a café or their own homes, rather than a school. Although the
environment may seem relaxed, the curriculum remains rigorous.
•Students will develop meaning for their learning through hands-on discovery activities and
As needed, the instructor will provide direct instruction and demonstrations through workshops
Student-reviewed activities and shared learning discoveries occur in a group setting
Teachers will circulate to assist students and monitor student work
Individually or in small groups, students will engage in activities to practice learned skills
Teachers will provide real-world based projects for students to apply learned concepts
The hub of all communication will be You
will have access to all pertinent contact information,
materials, dates, and important information regarding class.
All learning activities, including classwork and homework, will be outlined
in the iModule found in Edmodo. iModules may last from one to several
weeks, and culminate with a topic test. iModules contain all information
regarding the current topic of study. You may refer to the iModule at
any time to review assignments to be completed. You may want to print a
copy of the imodule to keep track of your progress, though this is
optional since it will always be in Edmodo. Any changes made to the
iModule such as date changes, or change in assignments will be
announced in class and posted to Edmodo. It is imperative to check
Edmodo daily to stay informed of any changes.
Carnegie Learning is the primary software students will use to learn and
practice concepts. It is self-paced and personalized. Students may access
Carnegie Learning from any computer with internet access (see system
requirements in the Edmodo folder “Welcome to iPrep Math”). Carnegie
Learning will be required throughout the school year. Although the minimum
requirement is 1.25 hours per week, we highly encourage students to keep up to
date with the current unit.
Students will work with the Carnegie Learning worktext to practice applying
concepts and skills. There are two volumes, both of which will be kept in class.
The worktexts are also in the Carnegie Resource Center. Students can access
them as needed from any computer with internet access.
Class begins and ends each day with every student sitting in
their seats with their assigned laptop. Students must log into
Edmodo immediately upon starting class and refer to the
imodule for that day. Each student will be assigned a
laptop number, and will be responsible for that laptop
throughout the year.
• Answers must be justified on all papers to receive full credit. The teacher will
not accept any assignments with only answers or work written in ink. All
assignments will be communicated through Edmodo. Students are responsible
for completing all assignments and turning them in on time. Remember to
communicate with your peers and teachers through Edmodo, should you have
any questions or concerns.
Appropriate voice level
Come prepared with all necessary supplies. (Paper, pencil, folder, calculator, etc.)
Use proper language and classroom etiquette. (Raise your hand to be recognized.)
Uniform required! Shirts should be tucked in and belts worn at all times.
Be in your assigned seat (with pencil sharpened) and ready to work when the bell rings.
Math assignments must be completed in PENCIL ONLY and turned in on time!
Stay ON TASK! Off task behavior will result in disciplinary action.
Use of cell phones/electronic devices are only allowed if you have teacher permission.
No food or beverages. (Example: chewing gum, candy, energy drinks, etc.)
Use the restrooms or drink water between classes.
DO NOT touch what does not belong to you! (Another person’s property, computer.)
Academic grades are determined by assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, and
District assessments. Rubrics will be provided as an evaluations tool and will be
made available to the students. The teacher will assess mastery of staterequired benchmarks periodically. Students are responsible to take notes and
study for all assessments. If a student receives a letter grade of D or F, a parent
conference will be requested in the comment section of the Progress Report
and/or Report Card.
No behavior that interferes with the learning process will be
tolerated! If a student does not follow the class rules, there
will be a conference between student, parent/guardian,
teacher, and administrator. Appropriate disciplinary action
will follow.
To help your child progress in mathematics…
attendance is essential! Students who are present will excel academically.
frequently check the online gradebook and discuss grades with your child.
review your child’s work daily. Make sure it is completed properly.
encourage your child to ask questions in class and participate in tutoring.
monitor your child’s study habits and organizational skills. Math students should spend at least
30 minutes daily reviewing concepts learned in class.
• monitor telephone, television, and computer usage. Proper rest and nutrition is essential!