Edmodo - web20exploratorium

A Web 2.0 Tool for Education
Erin Zimmerman
ISTC 705
Web Applications for Education
About Edmodo:
• Edmodo provides teachers and students with
an area to post mini-blogs
• Similar to Twitter, but private and built
specifically for education
Basic Features:
Privacy for students and teachers
Ability to create groups
Share information in various formats
New Features – Version 3.0:
• Polls
• Archiving
• View posts by specific user
What you can share on Edmodo:
Basic posting of text information
Post Alerts
Documents (Syllabus, Presentations, Calendars, etc.)
Links to webpages
RSS Feeds
Create Polls
Create Assignments (w/ due dates)
• Teachers sign up for accounts, and then create
groups. Each group has a unique code which is
distributed by the teacher to the class.
Students then sign up (no email address
required) and join the group using the code.
Formal Uses in Education:
Use Edmodo for group projects. Students can
post updates, progress, files and links to share
with group members. Teachers can monitor
the group and also ask students to post
individual feedback that they share only with
the teacher.
Informal Uses in Education:
Use Edmodo to collaborate with another
teacher or to create groups about specific
topics of interest or for school clubs. Use to
keep a record of events or to record brief
meeting notes.
Let’s Try It!
Go to:
Sign up as a teacher
or student (you won’t be
prompted for the group code if you
sign up as a teacher, you can join
our group after you login)
Group Code:
Information & Image Credits:
Information and screenshots/icons* from www.edmodo.com and
http://www.edmodo.com/blog/ and http://edmodo.pbworks.com/
http://www.wpclipart.com/transportation/Signs/curvy_road_ahead_sign_01.png *
http://www.hetemeel.com/einsteinform.php *
*Additional editing in Adobe Photoshop