Spirituality, Scholarship, Service Today is Friday February 27 DAY 5

Welcome to Oakland Catholic High School!
Spirituality, Scholarship, Service
Today is
February 27
• Today we will have Stations of the Cross
during all religion classes. Faculty and staff
are welcome to join us during any period.
• A mandatory meeting for those attending the
Model UN trip to New York City will be held
this Friday, immediately after school in Room
J303. It is vitally important that all students
attend or make other arrangements to meet
with Mrs. Rinkacs prior to Friday.
Those students who have not turned in
permission slips must do so immediately.
Global Awareness Coffeehouse
• Come to the Global Awareness Club
coffeehouse on Friday, February 27th from 6-8
• It will be a night filled with art, music, and
snacks, admission is free, and all donations
will go to WorldVision.
• If you’re interested in performing or sharing
art, please email
Attention Seniors....
• You must see Mrs. Haslett during periods 4 - 9
Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday in the
Collaboration Center for a computer check. You
must bring your computer, both parts of your
power cord, sleeve, and name tag.
• Any questions see Mrs. Haslett
Girls Who Code
Monday, March 2
at 2:45
MISSION: Girls Who Code programs work to inspire, educate, and
equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century
• Cancer Awareness Club will be having their annual Cancer
Awareness Week starting next week, March 2nd through the
6th. Look at the screens for each day’s color that
corresponds with a certain cancer. You will be allowed to
wear scarfs or socks that corresponds with the day’s color
and are encouraged to wear headbands of those colors.
Each day ribbons will be handed out at lunch, in order to
receive a ribbon you must be wearing the color for that day
and be able to recite the fact read on that day’s
WILL RECEIVE SPIRIT POINTS!!!!!!!!! Monday’s color is
orange for kidney and leukemia cancer, stay tuned Monday
morning for the day’s fact.
• The tryouts for the Spirit Week talent show
will be help Wednesday, March 4th in the
auxiliary gym immediately after school. If you
would like to have an act in the talent show,
you must be present at the tryouts
and perform your act. You are responsible for
bringing all materials. Please see Ms.
Marchese or Ms. Benedik with questions.
Seniors please check your email.
• You received a Google form to vote for Senior
• Responses are due by next Friday.
• See Mrs. Flynn in J102 if you have any
• Washington, D.C. Mission Trip sign-ups are
going on this week.
• See Ms. Farrell during your lunch period to get
a flyer and to sign-up.
• You are cordially invited to join the CCHS Ping Pong club!!
CCHS Table Tennis Club
Coach/Sponsor: Mark Krotec mckrotec@yahoo.com 412-916-2439
Activity Descriptor:
Based on student interest, the following options are available:
Individual Round Robin Pool Play- includes weekly ranking updates, awards,
etc. Play Wednesdays + Thursdays 3-5.
Team Play: players draft teams and compete in a league format.
Personal training/coaching.
Interscholastic play – possible matches against other schools.
Entry to our POTTC league play, and new POTTC Junior Play.
The POTTC is poised to initiate a Junior Table Tennis Venue.
Players under 18 years of age are invited to take advantage of a choice of: 1.
Match play 2. Clinic-style training 3. Personal coaching.
Saint Sebastian CYM presents
Godspell Friday March 20
@ 7:30 pm
Saturday March 21 @ 2 pm & 7:30 pm
Sunday March 22 @ 2 pm
• No admission charge; free-will donations are accepted to benefit
our Parish Project Hope in Appalachia and the Diocesan Mission in
Chimbote, Peru
• All performances are in Getty Hall (our school gymnasium).
There will be a MAPS meeting in the Study area
on Tuesday, March 4th
directly after school.
We will be discussing the results from
Teens for Jeans,
the cell phone drive and any new ideas.
Black History Month
Historical Figures!
Ziryab: Abu l-Hasan Ali Ibn Nafi(789857)
• A polymath, with knowledge in
astronomy, geography, meteorology,
botanics, cosmetics, culinary art and
• He also introduced the use of crystal
as a container for drinks, which was
more effective than metal. Prior to his
time, food was served plainly on
platters on bare tables, as was the
case with the Romans.
• Popularized Hygiene through
introducing a deodorant he created to
eliminate bad odors, promoted
morning and evening baths, and
emphasized maintaining personal
• Introduced new cuisine and the three
course meal
Alessandro De Medici
Alessandro De Medici
Alessandro de' Medici
called "il Moro", Duke
of Penne and also
Duke of Florence, was
ruler of Florence from
1530 until 1537.
George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver was born on a farm near
Diamond, Missouri, in Newton County about 1865.
George Washington Carver was a world-famous chemist who
made important agricultural discoveries and inventions. His
research on peanuts, sweet potatoes, and other products
helped poor southern farmers vary their crops and improve
their diets.
Carver was the First nation memorial erected in honor of an
African American.
George Carver’s research and instruction helped poor
southern farmers, both white and black, change their farming
practices and improve their diets.
- People from all over the world asked Carver for agricultural
advice because he was able to show farmers how to maximize
plant production and improve the soil at very little cost.
He stressed the importance of planting peanuts to upgrade
the quality of the soil, which had been depleted from years of
planting cotton. He also created and tested many recipes in
his laboratory.
He also became known as a promoter of racial equality.
People who wanted to improve race relations in America
asked for Carver’s help.
During the 1920’s and 1930’s, he traveled throughout the
South delivering his message of racial harmony.
The mayor of New York City appointed Bolin as a judge on July
22, 1939. She was the first Black woman judge; and was
reconfirmed by the next three mayors, serving for ten years.