3. Merging Tier 2 Academic and Behavior Interventions

The RTI Highway
Merging Academic and Behavioral
Tier 2 Systems of Intervention
Presented by:
✦ Linden Elementary School
✦ Oak Ridge City Schools
✦ Presenters: Glenda Bergener and
Lisa Downard
Who are you?
Where are you in PBIS implementation?
Who We Are
Where are we with
✦ 2009
Planning year
✦ 2010
1st year of implementation of Tier 1;
planning year for Tier 2 Behavior
✦ 2011
1st year implementation of Tier 2;
planning and prep year for Tier 3
✦ 2013
PBIS paves the way!
✦ 2013
Begin implementation of Tennessee’s
Model merged with PBIS
✦ 2014
Full implementation of Tennessee’s RTI
Making Time
PBIS Paved the way for RTI
✦ We were already functioning within a 3 Tiered system
of support for students with a focus on behavior
✦ Teachers, students, and families were already
accustomed to documentation of interventions and
progress monitoring
District-Wide RTI Implementation Plan
✦ District-wide RTI Handbook
✦ District-wide process including dates for
Universal Screener/benchmarks
✦ District-wide forms and parent
At the end of the first grading period, a team
with a representative from each elementary
building met to discuss and revise the forms
and procedures as needed
Universal Screener Benchmark
Assessment Schedule
Merging Tier 2 Systems of
Interventions: Academic and
___________ will begin a new form of PAWS tracking today. The form will track 1 Goal only: “I will follow
directions the first time they are given.”
He will begin to carry a red folder, similar to a PAWS folder. He will be tracked through 13 periods of the
day. On the left side there are 3 smiley faces with Velcro on top of 3 X’s AND a picture of his goal. _____
is to begin each tracking period with 3 smiley faces. If _____ is given a direction and he does not comply,
simply take one of the smiley faces without any verbal interaction, and point to the picture of his goal
below the smiley faces. If he does comply immediately, give specific verbal praise and a ticket, and move
You are to circle the number that corresponds to the number of smiley faces he still had at the end of the
that tracking period, make positive comments and initial the comment box. Please put the smiley faces
back on the chart for the beginning of each tracking period.
If he loses all 3 of his smiley faces, you are to write an anecdotal record on the back of his tracking chart.
I will place additional anecdotal records in your mailboxes in case he receives many of these throughout
the day. If he receives 3 anecdotal records in one day, I will write a DOB (minor) for this behavior.
I will be responsible for keeping track of his daily progress.
If this is confusing, please get with me right after school and I will explain further.
Just remember, we are only tracking 1 goal. Please follow the school expectation policy for all other
Sample PAWS (CICO) form
1st Grade student with behavior plan in place:
-work in all subject areas is modified
-manipulatives are provided
-picture schedule with morning discussion
-check in, check out with Glenda Bergener
-reinforcement schedule/tracking chart, with daily reward for reaching goal
-additional adults in classroom
-adult support during math lesson
-cool off area in room with timer
-count down cards
-countdown warning before we transition to a new activity
- specific line order for class when going anywhere in school, all special area teachers and
staff use the order
-works with reading specialist for tier 3 math intervention
-works with small group for tier 3 math intervention
-use of message folder to office to allow ___ a few minutes to refocus before an academic
-snack time
-planned ignoring, not giving attention to the behavior
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