Daniel Boone History Powerpoint

South Dakota Standard
• 5.G.2.2. (Comprehension) Explain explorers’
discoveries in the New World.
• You could use this powerpoint slide to show
the students about a early explorer in the
USA. You could show how he influenced the
USA and what he did in his life.
Daniel Boone
Dillon Ostby
Life History
Born November 2nd ,1734
Born in a log cabin near Pennsylvania
Most famous pioneer in US history
Spent most of his life exploring and settling
Little education
Learned the trade of woodsmen very early
Married 1756 to Rebecca Bryan
Very good hunter and farmer
Founded the first US settlement west of the
Appalachian mountains.
• Was the fourth child of six of Squire and Sarah
• At age 12 became great hunter provided food
for his family.
• 10 to 16 he had to watch over the herd of
• Never attended school
• Was taught to read and spell by Darah Day
Father and Mother
• Squire and Sarah Boone were Daniels father and
• Squire and Sarah married 1726
• Father English Quaker
• Father was a weaver and blacksmith
• Father raised cattle near Reading, Penn.
• Fathers weaving business grew and became wealthy
• Sarah was taller then Squire
• Sarah very good looking Squire not so good looking
• After the Revolutionary War Boone worked as a surveyor along the Ohio
River and settled for a time in Kanawha County, Virginia (now West
• In 1800, Boone was appointed magistrate of the Femme Osage District in
St. Charles County, Missouri for this he got a bunch of land to live on and
• Farmer
• Explorer
Exploring Kentucky
• Explored Kentucky wilderness from 1769 to 1782
• Traveled down the Ohio River, and trapped furs in
the Green and Cumberland Valleys
• In 1773 brought some settlers to Kentucky
• During his traveling six people were killed in his
group including his oldest son James by Native
• Boone negotiated price with the Natives and Judge
Henderson called the Watauga Treaty
• Now its called Wilderness Trail
• Brought more and more settlers to this new area
In Missouri
• In 1788 him and his family moved to now what is WV
• Then in 1799 moved to Missouri , settling on a
Spanish land grant near St. Louis
• Was appointed magistrate of his district in 1800
• Served in tell the territory was ceded with the US in
• Lost his titles to his land
• Returned to Kansas in 1810 this made him pretty
much penniless
• The Daniel Boone National
Forest contains both
public and private land in
21 eastern Kentucky
counties extending from
Rowan county in the north
to McCreary county in the
• It is managed by the US
Department of
Agriculture's Forest
• Several state parks, the
Red River Gorge, Red River
and the Big South Fork
National River and Rec.
Area are located within
the Forest.
• It’s 660,000 acres
Some Quotes
From Daniel Boone
• I was happy in the midst of dangers and inconveniences.
• I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for
several weeks.
• Nature was here a series of wonders, and a fund of delight.
• All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good
• Curiosity is natural to the soul of man and interesting objects have
a powerful influence on our affections.
The Death
• Daniel Boone died on September 26, 1820 at
the age of 85 at his sons Nathan's home in St.
Charles County, Missouri.
• In 1845 the remains of Boone and his wife
were moved to Kentucky to rest in the great
pioneer's "hunter's paradise."
• Was a hunter, farmer, and explorer
• Great impact on history for his exploring and
settling people west of the Mississippi River.
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