`Soft Market Testing` What is

Questions and Answers
‘Soft Market Testing’
What is ‘soft market testing’?
Soft market testing is a way to find out
what provider organisations think about
new ideas and service choices.
Soft market testing does not mean that the
Council or organisations must follow the
idea they talk about.
What is happening?
Tri-borough is planning to have two soft market
testing events.
They will happen in June in Kensington Town Hall.
Council officers will meet with different
organisations to talk about council services
for people with:
- Learning Disabilities
- Dementia
- Physical Disabilities
- Mental health
- Older People
Why is Tri-borough doing soft market testing?
The Government and Tri-borough are
thinking of moving some services out
of the Council.
Council commissioners and managers
will be talking with organisations that
may want to provide council services.
This will help with making sure that
service changes are planned carefully.
Why is the Council thinking of changing the
way services are provided?
The Government has decided a new
direction for councils and the NHS:
- to move services out of these
The Council needs to spend less money,
but also make sure it provides very good
Why is the Council thinking of changing the way
services are provided?
There are benefits to these changes:
- More flexibility and control for you,
your carers and parents.
- More freedom for staff to change
services and try out new ideas.
More security for services you receive.
What will it mean for you if the Council no longer
provides services directly?
You will not be going through a big
service change immediately.
The plan is to find out about new provider
organisations that can improve your
experience and outcomes.
The council will continue to provide
services directly to you if this is more
beneficial than asking another provider.
What will it mean for staff if the Council no longer
provides services directly to you?
Staff will have more freedom to make
changes and develop services with the
new provider.
Staff moves to new providers will be done in
line with Employment Rules.
Teams will have more freedom and control
to take responsibility of their service.
What will happen after the soft market testing
Commissioners will look at the information
collected and share it with service managers
and providers.
This will help the Council to decide the best
thing to do for each service.
We have already collected some of your
views and will use them for any proposed
service changes.
We will ask for your views in the future about
new ideas presented at the events in June.
When would changes take place?
This will depend on the results of the
events in June.
Some services could go through changes
from April 2015.
Where can I find out more?
If you have any questions or ideas, please
send them to: [email protected]