Hadera Desalination Plant

Hadera Desalination
Background, Site Visit, and Significance for Israel
Desalination in Israel
S 1999: Government initiation of long term, large-scale
SWRO desalination program
S 2002: Construction of the first large-scale desalination
S 2005: Desalination program makes first contribution of
potable water to the national grid
S 2014: Expected – desalinated water closes gap between
supply and demand in Israel
Desalination in Israel
Hadera Plant – Fact Sheet
S One of three large-scale desalination plants in operation in
S Capacity: 127 M m3/year
S Technology: Reverse Osmosis
S Project Type: BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)
S World’s largest SWRO plant
Site Visit
Site Visit
Site Visit
Site Visit
Importance for Israel
S Past decade – Severe drought and growing population
S Desalination part of the solution for Israel
S Problems to be addressed:
S Environmental concerns
S Land use
S Energy efficiency