Chapter 22.1-22.3 Survival Island

Chapter 22.1-22.3
Survival Island
1) Each team must work together to answer the
2) You may use your Key and IAN to research the
3) When your team finds the correct answer, please
come check off your answer with me.
4) If you have the correct answer, you may proceed to
the next question.
Round One
_________ is a gamete-producing stage of the plant life cycle.
A: Gametophyte
2) ________ is a water conducting vascular tissue that allows water to flow upward from the
root to the plant.
A: Xylem
3) _______ is a sperm-producing organ of seedless plants.
A: Antheridium
4) _______ is a structure in which a female gametophyte develops.
A: Ovule
5) _________ is a moss or its relative.
A: Bryophyte
6) ______ is the egg producing organ od seedless plants.
A: Archegonium.
Round Two:
7) What are the four things that plants need from the environment?
A: Sunlight, Gas Exchange, Water, & Mineral.
8) What occurs in plants during “gas exchange?”
A: The plant brings/breaths in carbon dioxide and gets ride of/breath out oxygen.
9) True/False: Sporophyte is the multicellular diploid phase, as spore producing plant.
A: True
10) In plants, where is chlorophyll a and b located?
A: Chloroplast.
11) Where did plant’s ancestors live?
A: Water
12) What are the four features of a plant cladogram (evolutionary traits).
A: Embryo formation, specialized water-conducting tissue, seeds, and flowers-seed
enclosed fruit.
Round Three:
13) Define: Alternation of generation
A: the shift between haploid and diploid phases in the sexual life cycle of plants.
14) True/False: Green Algae do not contain the specialized tissues fount in other plants and
some may not alternated between haploid and diploid stages with every generation.
A: True
15) _________ is the transfer of pollen from the male reproductive structure to the female
reproductive structure.
A: Pollination.
16) In plant fertilization, a _________ grows into an embryo and then is encased in a _______
and is ready to be dispersed.
A: zygote, seed
17) True/False: Acorns, pine nuts, and beans are examples of pollen.
A: False- Seeds
18) In the life cycle of a gymnosperm, the word gymnosperm means “_______________”.
A: Naked Seed
Final Round
19) In which pat of a pine tree are pollen grains produced?
A: Pollen Cone
20) True/False: the conifer life cycle typically takes 24 months to complete.
A: True
21) ______ carries carbohydrates and nutrients by photosynthesis throughout the
A: Phloem
22) True/False: A pollen grain is one entire male gametophyte of a gymnosperm.
A: True
23) Gymnosperms is to cones as angiosperms is to _______.
A: flowers.
24) Both _________ and ___________ have seeds, fertilization, pollen grain, pollination,
and seed coat.
A: Gymnosperm and Angiosperm.