Angiosperm Crossword Answers

Anther The male reproductive organ that houses microsporangia.
Microsporocytes ________ divide by meiosis and produce microspores.
Diploid Microsporocytes have a _______ chromosome arrangement.
Haploid Microspores (produced from microsporocytes) have a ______ chromosome arrangement.
Microspore A ______ develops into a pollen grain. the generatie cell of the gametophyte will divide,
forming two sperm.
Stigma The sticky part of a flower's carpel. This is used to catch pollen grains floating in the air.
Style The stalk of a flower's carpel. It is located between the ovary and the stigma.
Megasporangia The ovary of an angiosperm houses ovules. The ovules contain diploid _______.
Meiosis Megasporocytes divide by _____, producing four haploid megaspores. Only one will survive
and form the female gametophyte.
DoubleFertilization This occurs when one sperm fertilizes the egg, forming the zygote, and another
fertilizes the central cell, forming the endosperm.
Triploid After double fertilization, the zygote of an angiosperm is diploid, and the endosperm is
SeedCoat The seed of an angiosperm contains an embryo (2n), an endosperm (3n), and a(n) _____
EmbryoSac Another name for an ovule, which develops in an ovary and contains a female
TubeCell This cell produces a pollen tube.
GenerativeCell This haploid cell divides into two sperm cells (contained in the male gametophyte).
CrossPollination The transfer of pollen from an anther of one flower to the stigma of another.