Plant Reproduction Worksheet

NAME _______________
DATE _______________
Answer in complete sentences where applicable and you may wish to use the Panda Book.
1. What is the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction. _________________
2. As plants evolved and moved to land, their reproductive systems also evolved. Advanced
plants can either reproduce with spores or seeds.
Define spore: ___________________________________________________________
Name a plant that uses spores for reproduction: ________________________________
3. There are two types of seed plants: gymnosperm and angiosperm. What are the two main
differences between these two types of plants? (use sentences) Give an example of each.
4. Pollination is ________________________________________________________________
5. Seed plants produce both pollen and ovules.
Cross out the incorrect word:
Pollen contains ( sperm, egg ) cells. Ovules contain (sperm, egg) cells.
6. Gymnosperms have their reproductive parts in ______________________.
7. Angiosperms have their reproductive parts in _______________________.
8. Draw a large flower in the space below. Draw the following parts and label them:
Sepals, petal, stamen, anther, pollen, pistil, stigma, style, ovary, ovules.
9. When does fertilization occur? (use a sentence) ______________________________
10. Angiosperms are placed into 3 groups according to their life cycles. Define these:
a. Annuals=_____________________________________________________
b. Biennials=_____________________________________________________
c. Perennials= __________________________________________________