Responses to Challenges in Megacities

(What’s being done about
the problems??)
Mega-cities need to take steps to
improve the living conditions for their
people, including:
 strengthening local government to make it
more effective
 implementing new approaches for alleviating
poverty through local job promotion
 developing supporting communities
 making cities more environmentally friendly
The role of reducing poverty needs to be taken by:
1. NGOs
eg in Bangkok, NGO’s have introduced the Magic
Eyes program to reduce littering
in Mexico City the World Bank has sponsored a
project to reduce air pollution through improvements
to public transport
2. governments
eg a strategy in Mexico City to increase migration to
smaller urban areas has slowed growth from 4.8%
per year to 1.8%
Other responses:
 Water supply in Pakistan
- the government is educating people to manage
water resources
 Transportation in Mexico City
Choose ONE of the following and explain how
Mexico City is responding to the challenge
 unemployment
 urban infrastructure
 housing
 traffic congestion
 air pollution