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Wedding Planning Questionnaire

Thank you so much for booking me! I’m really looking forward to the big day. We just need to tie up a few details to make sure that on the day I’m in the right location, doing the right thing at the right time.

Please can you let me know the following details (and feel free to omit any irrelevant ones):

A) Addresses

Please can you note down the various FULL addresses where wedding events will be taking place.

Please include postcodes for my satnav!

Bride getting ready

Groom getting ready

Wedding ceremony

Wedding reception

Any other locations

B) Timings

Please can you note down the times that have been assigned to each event/segment of the day so that I can start to work out where you need me and when.

Bride getting ready

Groom getting ready

Groom arrival for ceremony

Bride arrival for ceremony

Ceremony start time

Ceremony finish time

Reception start time

Meal start time


Cake cutting

Evening reception

First dance

Any other events/aspects of the day

C) Key People

Please can you let me know first names of the following people where applicable (as you want me to address them)

Bride parents

Groom parents


Flower girls

Best Man



Any other key people

Please nominate one or two helpers to gather the family groups together. Often guests disappear so this enables me to stay and ‘hold’ the groups (so they don’t disperse too!) and perhaps get other groups done while we’re waiting, while someone else goes to locate the missing persons.

Often bridesmaids/ushers/best man etc are good bets, or brothers/ sisters

– it helps if they are not frightened of herding and being a bit proactive (I won’t say bossy!) and if they are likely to know who a lot of the people in the groups are (or not be afraid to ask if they don’t.)


D) Shot Wish List

Obviously no photographer can guarantee to photograph everything and every body, so please list all the things that are important to you and that you would be disappointed not to have photographs of so I can ensure I try to get them. The group lists (section E) should cover all the people, but please also note other items/locations/moments etc that you want photographed. Often there are lots of details that you have taken a lot of time to create and source, so certainly a list of these things I imagine would be important to you. I of course do photograph as much as humanly possible, but what is a n ‘obvious’ shot to one person isn’t necessarily for another, so please don’t assume that I will take any specific shot(s) and list the ones you consider ‘musts’ so that I can definitely look for it, find it and shoot it!

E) Group shots

I do limit these to around 15 minutes max

– this is always plenty of time to get the shots you want and need. I will need specific individual first names for each group (loose terms like “close family” mean different things to different people so it’s important to be specific to avoid embarrassment on the day.) People in groups shots should be those who are dearest to you and who you would be disappointed not to have a photo of as I cannot otherwise guarantee to photograph any particular individual (as I have no way of knowing who everyone is and whether or not they are particularly important to you!) A fairly typical list is as follows. Obviously families come in different shapes and sizes (my own family is pretty unconventional) so I know that this set of shot s isn’t always feasible and needs to be tweaked, but it’s a useful starting point.

1) Extended family on one side (usually approximately 8-20 people)

2) Extended family on the other side (usually approximately 8-20 people)

3) Parents on one side

4) Parents on the other side

5) Bridal party

– groomsmen, bridesmaids (together and/or separately)

6) Everyone (not everyone wants this shot but some do

– this shot takes quite a while to set up logistically so I would advise only having this if it is extremely important to you)

You r group choices (I’ve put room for 8 groups but feel free to have


, many people do!)









F) Your address details

The address where you would like your wedding package sent to after the wedding would be most helpful.

Your address:

Once you’ve completed this form please can you email it back to me.

Thank you very much! Looking forward to it!