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Notes regarding exam in _______________________________________________________________
Assessment of performance
Examiner: _____________________________
Date: ____________________
Assessment of the performance of the individual student must be made in accordance with the learning goals stated in the study regulation and the associated
evaluation criteria.
The Faculty’s Examination Policies and Procedures (Section 6); cf. The Examination Order (Eksamensbekendtgørelsen) (§21): "Each assessor must make notes during
the grading process on their evaluation of the performance and on the determination of the grade for use in any appeal. The notes must be kept for at least one year,
and in addition to this, if necessary, until any appeal is closed. The notes are regarded as personal documents that are not attached to a case and are not encompassed
by administrative law or public law regulations regarding right of access to documents. However, there is nothing that hinders assessors from submitting the notes on
their own initiative."