A guide to “How Much Land Does a Man Need”

A guide to
“How Much Land Does a Man Need”
With a partner, you will construct a
guide to this story. It will resemble a
tri-folded travel brochure. Your
teacher will model how to fold your
construction paper.
The following slide will explain what is
to be the contents of each panel.
Brochure Description
Panel 1 – Cover. Design a colorful cover that reflects a theme or uses
symbols from the story.
Panel 2 – Map the story on Freytag’s Pyramid. Refer to your notes on the
parts of the diagram. Note that you might need to turn the diagram
Panel 3 – Write mock critiques of the story. They should discuss not only a
like/dislike of the story, but also why this story should/should not be taught
in high schools.
Panel 4 – Write ‘quiz questions’ over the story. You need at least 7.
Answers do not need to be included.
Panel 5 – Character Info. Make a cast of characters that includes a
description of each person. You should address their role, purpose,
personality, and what each character learns.
Panel 6 – List the name of your group members and who was responsible
for each section. You will be graded based on these sections. Note – if a
person designs the cover, he/she MUST complete another panel as well.
Tips for success!
Follow your teacher’s model. The panels need to be in the
correct location.
To divide work efficiently, do NOT write on the construction
paper. Write on unlined white or colored paper, cut out
content, then paste onto brochure.
Communicate! Ask plenty of questions in order to
understand exactly what is expected of you. We’re looking
for creativity, yes, but also a profound understanding of the
short story.
Mediocre work will receive mediocre grades!!!