Moderator Training: Tips for Success

Training: Tips for Success
2012 New Mexico Graduate &
Professional Student Conference
• Briefly reference the topic being discussed
• Create connections for your audience
between the panel topic and current events,
• Engage your audience
• The panel opening sets the tone of the panel
Guest-Host Relationship
• Moderator as host
• Audience = welcome guests
• Audience members are investing time
• Guests are your first priority
• Smooth transitions
• Ensure that they feel their questions
are answered
Keep the Focus on the Panel, Not You
• Warmly thank panelists at every opportunity
• As the host, it is your job to create a
welcoming environment
• Make audience and panelists feel connected
• Always return to the topic at hand
• Refrain from stating your personal opinions
Practice Transitions
• “That is an excellent point ( / question), but I
wonder if we could return to the principal
• “In order to be respectful of everyone’s time,
we should transition to …”
• “If you would please write that down, perhaps
we could contact you with a list of resources”
Keep it Focused, but Enjoy Yourself
• The “Fabulous Four” – 3-4 panelists is ideal
• Read your audience; adapt the panel structure
according to their needs
• Build community
• Smile; a panel is not a funeral
Good Luck!