Lucky Wheel Game

Q: Name 3 sights to go and see
in London.
Q: What continent is London in?
Q: What country is London in?
Q: About how many people live in
Q: London is the ________ city in England.
Q: Who gave London it’s name?
Q: How many bedrooms are there
in Buckingham Palace?
Q: Name 2 things London is
famous for.
Q: What is the name of this clock
Q: John Terry plays for which
football team?
Q: Name the five football teams
from London.
Q: What is the name of Muse’s
latest album?
Q: Where does the queen live?
Make a full sentence.
Q: What is this place called?
Q: What sport can you watch here?
Q: Why does the bottom half of
Tower Bridge open up?
Make a full sentence.
Q: What place is this?
Q: What is this flag called?
Q: What three things are the
guards not allowed to do?
Q: London is on the ______ river.