London is a beautiful city and
every year many visitors go to
London to see many interesting
sights, especially during the
You can see the city also from the
top of a traditional red London
Some very famous sights are:
The Tower of London
In the past it was a fortress, a palace and a prison
Tower Bridge
Over the river Thames
When all the kings and queens are crowned. Some famous English
poets are buried in the “Poet’s Corner” of the abbey.
The Houses of Parliament
The centre of English government. There is a House of
Lords and a House of Commons.
The residence of the Royal family.
No. 10 Downing Street
Where the Prime Minister lives.
The British
Where there are ancient statues and other
object from many parts of the world.
The Park
London has some very beautiful parks.
Very famous are Hide Park, St James’s
Park and Regent’s Park. They are always
green because it rain very often. On a
sunny day go to parks to walk, to read
and to play sports. Many people who
work in offices likes to eat their lunch
in a park, when the weather is nice.
Hide Park
James’s Park
Regent’s Park
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