Des Moines Register 06-28-06 Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor
Football is, after all, just a game
I recently saw Dan McCarney got a $1.1 million contract to coach football,
[bringing him out of the bottom half] of the Big 12 coaches salaries. But $1.1
million to coach 100 players on a team and handle a staff?
That’s about $10,100 a player. Is football really worth that much? Is destroying
yourself for 60 minutes on a field really worth it in the end, when that money
could go to space research, meteorology research, engineering research and
health-care research?
Is it really worth all the problems football causes a university with suspensions,
drunken parties and lawbreaking? Does it really save anybody from the mean
streets to let them play football? Or does it merely facilitate more violence?
— Mike Phillips, Lamoni.