Paper Tower Lab

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The Game
Oh to solve a problem
Introduction: Problem solving is the application of logical and creative thinking to a
new and unfamiliar situation. You solve problems such as these everyday.
Unfortunately, you do not always solve them logically.
Problem solving should be composed of a forming a method to your madness.
You should first of all recognize the problem. Next you need to ask yourself some
questions. These may be very simple questions or more complex. Now you need to find
some answers to your questions. These answers may include guesses, estimates,
experimentation, data collection, etc…
The Problem: Your job is to build a structure that is as tall as possible using only the
materials supplied: one piece of construction paper and 24 inches of tape. You must
follow the rules. Try to incorporate problem-solving strategies.
The rules:
1. Your structure must only contain the materials provided.
2. Your tower must be free standing for at least five seconds.
3. You may only receive one measurement – no second tries!
Suggestions: Use cooperative learning techniques. Work together!
Analysis: You must write a lab report (on a separate sheet of paper).
1. Your procedure must be the technique you use to solve the problem. Not the
rules of the game!
2. Discuss and draw a representation of your tower and ideas.
3. What scientific principles govern the game? Explain the role they play in the
building of the tower.
1. What are some limiting factors to how high a tower can be built?
2. What were the limiting factors in your towers construction?