Identifying the Elements of A Plot Diagram

Identifying the
Elements of A
Plot Diagram
Student Notes
Plot Diagram
Rising action
Narrative “hook”
Falling action
• Plot is the organized
pattern or sequence
of events that make
up a story. Every
plot is made up of a
series of incidents
that are related to
one another.
1. Narrative Hook
This "hooks" the reader's attention right at the OPENING of the story so that he or she
will keep on reading. The "opening" may consist of several paragraphs for a short
story, or several pages for a novel, but ideally it is the opening sentence.
One of the most common forms is dramatic action, which engages the reader into
wondering what the consequences of the action will be.
Ex: narrative voice
stating that we
(humans) traveled to
Pandora after our
home (earth) was
“used up.”
2. Exposition
• This usually occurs at the beginning of a short
story. Here the characters are introduced. We also
learn about the setting of the story. Most
importantly, we are introduced to the main conflict
(main problem).
Ex: Jake Sully
deboarding space craft,
walking around army
base, and hearing of the
dangerous jungle
creatures and natives of
3. Rising Action
• This part of the story begins to
develop the conflict(s). A building
of interest or suspense occurs.
Ex: viewer learns
that there is a
group of natives on
Pandora that are in
the way of the
humans getting the
precious natural
resource they want,
Jake becomes
native himself,
4. Climax
• This is the turning point of the story.
Usually the main character comes face
to face with a conflict. The main
character will change in some way.
Ex: Jake becomes
leader of natives
and leads battle of
large scale to
protect native’s
magic tree.
5. Falling Action
• All loose ends
of the plot are
tied up. The
conflict(s) and
climax are
taken care of.
Ex: Jake and
natives win
battle, “deport”
all but “good”
humans OFF of
Pandora, back
to Earth.
6. Resolution
• The story
comes to a
Ex: Jake’s spirit is
transferred to the
native body, and he is
allowed to live in
peace and love with
his new people.
Putting It All Together
1 / 2. Narrative hook & Exposition
3. Rising Action
4. Climax
Beginning of
Middle of Story
5. Falling Action
6. Resolution
End of Story
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