Duffy`s Jacket Vocab PPT

Plot (n)
 Plot (noun) – “what happens” in a story; all the events
in a story
 I loved the twist in the plot of the story “The Monkey’s
Paw”. It was so unexpected!
Climax (n)
 the most intense part of a story
 For the climax of the movie, I was literally sitting on
the edge of my seat waiting to see who would be
revealed as the killer.
Resolution (n)
 the ending and solution to a story
 At the resolution of the story, the characters
apologized and started to hang out once more.
Conflict (n)
 the main problem in a story
 The United States was about to enter into a conflict
with Syria when Syria began to abuse their citizens.
Setting (n)
 when and where a story takes place
 He wanted to propose to his girlfriend in the best
setting: a park at sunset.
Suspense (n)
 a feeling of uncertainty; not knowing “how it will end”
 As the storm raged outside and began to tear pieces of
the house apart, the family sat in suspense waiting to
see what would become of them.
Exposition (n)
 the main characters and setting of a story (beginning)
 The exposition of the story gave me the background I
needed to understand what the story was about.
Fumigate (v)
 to treat with chemicals or fumes
 Because of the fleas from my cat that seemed to take
over the house, I had to fumigate everything in order to
live there without being bitten.
Sabotage (v)
 to destroy or damage intentionally (on purpose)
 Knowing Maria, I am sure it was her who tried to
sabotage my date with the guy she used to like.
Sentinel (n)
 a person or thing that watches or stands as if watching
 I asked my brother to act as a sentinel while I left my
wallet in the car to pick up something outside.
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