Plot and Cause & Effect

 Plot is a literary term – the significant events of the
story (what happens)
 Includes how events relate to one another in:
 A pattern
 A sequence
 Through cause and effect
 Narrative is another
word for a story
 It is an account of
connected events
 Most stories have a plot where “Event A” (the
introduction) occurs, leading to “Event B” and then
“Event C” and so on.
 Most stories follow a basic plot line that is intended to
keep the reader interested in the word, whether it is a
movie, a novel, a play, or a short story.
 The plot is the way the events unfold in a story.
 The basic
elements of plot
include items
shown in the
graphic to the
 Please read the short story “The Capture of Father
 After reading it once, read the story again, taking
notes on what happens as you read through it.
 When you are finished, highlight or underline the
parts of your notes that indicate the introduction,
inciting force, rising action, climax and conclusion.