Plot 2012-2013 basic

The plot is the organized pattern or
sequence of events that make up a
story. Every plot is made up of a series
of incidents that are related to one
Exposition: is the information
needed to understand a story. It is
an introduction that includes the
setting—time and place;
introduces main characters;
provides background information;
sets the scene; establishes
potential for conflict. (no action)
Narrative Hook:
is the point at
which the
exposition ends
and the first action
begins; it is the
catalyst that
begins the major
Rising action: is a
series of events
that lead to the
climax. Characters
engage in conflicts;
antagonism is
Climax: is the defining moment of
the plot: the major turning point.
It can be obvious, like a fight, or
subtle, like a dawning truth or
realization. Just remember that it
doesn’t have to be exciting, but
crucial to the plot.
Falling Action:
is the set of events
that bring the story to
a close; the
consequences of the
is the conclusion that includes
unraveling of tensions; most
questions answered; characters
left to deal with consequences of
conflicts. It is what happens at the
end / closure. (no action)