Why Algebra 2!

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Welcome to
Mrs. Bergstrom’s
Algebra 2 Period 4A
Room #128
Why Algebra 2!
Will this teacher treat me fairly?
To go on to College Algebra
Trigonometry, Calculus,
Statistics, to LEARN . . . !
Place of origin (birth), food,
language, religion, clothing,
family, group identity, food,
values, environment
Multicultural Education: is for all
people, is an inclusive approach,
helps each person understand and
respect one’s own cultures, transfers
this understanding and respect to
other cultures, is the beginning of selfrespect and acceptance of diversity.
Place of origin, food,
language, religion, clothing,
family, group identity,
values, environment
Fall Recess TH 10/20 - F 10/21
How will I be graded?
• TEAM WORK: 10% of grade
• WORK: 30% of grade
• EVALUATION: 60% of grade
What are the rules in this
Mrs. Bergstrom’s Classroom Rules
Come WITHOUT Food, Drink, Music, Phone!
Follow all Policies and Procedures!
Mrs. Bergstrom’s
Classroom Contract
• Guidelines
• Procedures
Guideline #1
Be in your assigned seat and working
on the QUIZ when the tardy bell
Guideline #2
Bring ALL books and materials to
class and take them with you when
you leave.
Guideline #3
BE ON TASK – listen, work,
Guideline #4
BE RESPONSIBLE – learn math,
record assignments and scores,
study for tests
Guideline #5
BE RESPECTFUL – respect classmates,
teacher, and property
CHOOSING to follow
the rules will result in:
 Verbal acknowledgement
 A stress free learning environment
 A pleasant and secure atmosphere
NOT choosing to
follow the rules:
 1st – Warning and documentation
 2nd – Action Form and Parental Contact
 3rd – Discipline Referral
 *Please choose to make this a
great year!
Guideline Infraction Notice
Lawana Welt – Liberty Middle School
Guideline Infraction Notice
• Read it
• Sign it
• Keep it until the end
of class
Mrs. Bergstrom’s Action Plan
1.What’s the problem?
2. What’s causing the problem?
(Please list the factors)
3. What plan will you use to solve the problem?
Student’s Signature
Parent/Guardian Signature
Severe Clause
Any student who uses profanity,
fights, damages school property
(this includes the property of
the teacher and other students),
or is disrespectful (as defined by
the teacher) will be sent to the
Classroom Procedures
Enter Room, Tardy, Absences, Hall Pass,
Period Ends
Entering the Room
• Please enter quietly.
• Sharpen pencil before bell OR wait
for break.
• Pick up quiz.
• Have a seat and take out materials.
• Put backpack under desk.
• Complete quiz, pass to front at
• Review the agenda.
When you are tardy . . .
• Enter quietly.
• Excused: Place excuse in
the basket on back table.
• Unexcused: Sign detention
list on back table.
• Have a seat and take out
your materials.
After an Excused Absence
• Go to WebPage at home before class
for Notes or Handouts missed.
• Sign NAME in Homework Folder and use
to correct assignment and record score.
• Make-up work for unexcused
absences is not available.
Hall Pass
• You get TWO free passes, preferably
used only when teacher is not talking!
• To USE walk to front of room, place on
my desk without talking, and quietly use!
Be back in two minutes!
• For FREE ASSIGNMENT do not use
hallpasses and turn in at end of quarter.
Finish Classwork Early
“What do I do next?”
Review vocabulary words.
Read a book.
Read and review your math book.
Solve a puzzle.
Study for your next test.
Stay on TASK!
Class Dismissal
• The teacher dismisses you, not the
• Do not start packing up prior
to the bell.
• Wait until the teacher finishes and
officially dismisses you with
“Have a nice day!”
“Special” Procedures
These will be introduced on an “as needed” basis.
Library/Media Center
Hall Pass
Progress Reports
Working Cooperatively
Fire Drill
Morning Announcements
Substitute Teacher
*It is important to follow all Guidelines
and Procedures so that MATH can be
taught and understood!
*We are a TEAM and we will succeed if
the class works together to see that all
rules are followed!
“I truly believe
in your potential
and I know that you
have the ability to succeed!
Have an awesome year!”
– Mrs. Bergstrom
“The only way to have responsible
students is to have procedures and
routines for which the students can
feel responsible.”