Mrs. Seroyer's Classroom Guidelines

Señorita O’Donovan
West Essex Middle School
Room 210
Procedures & Guidelines
Where am I supposed to sit?
Please be sure to sit in the seat that was
assigned to you on the first day of school.
Will this teacher
treat me fairly?
What will I be doing this year?
How will I be graded?
Formative – 20%
(Classwork, Homework, Oral activities (presentations/conversations), Listening
activities, Written activities, Exit tickets, “Do now,” etc.)
Summative – 80%
(Tests & Quizzes (both oral and written), Projects, Oral & Long-term
Señorita O’Donovan’s
Classroom Contract
Guideline #1
RESPECT teacher, students, and school
To create and preserve a classroom atmosphere that optimizes
teaching and learning, students are expected to conduct themselves
at all times in this classroom in a manner that is not disruptive.
Behavior that is rude, disruptive, intimidating, or demeaning will
not be accepted. Courteous behavior and responses are expected at
all times.
Guideline #2
Arrive to class on time, i.e., be in your assigned seat
and ready to work.
Pick up a textbook from the book shelf.
Immediately begin working on the “DO NOW”
listed on the board.
Guideline #3
Come to class prepared
(bring a pen, notebook/three ring binder
daily homework assignment, Spanish
Textbooks will be kept in the classroom.
Guideline #4
Take notes and maintain a complete,
organized notebook.
Guideline #5
Follow directions the first time they
are given.
Guideline #6
Always raise your hand and wait to be called
on before speaking and to ask any questions
relevant to the lesson.
Guideline #7
Speaking Spanish in class is an important
Guideline #8
Participate whenever possible in classroom
discussions, activities, etc.
Guideline #9
Maintain appropriate classroom behavior
(shouting out, chewing gum, eating,
interrupting, or leaving your seat without
permission are all considered unacceptable
Guideline #10
Follow all procedures and policies as
outlined in the West Essex Middle School
Following Guidelines
will result in:
 Verbal Acknowledgement
 A Stress free learning
 A pleasant and orderly
classroom atmosphere
Not Following Guidelines
will result in:
 1st
 Warning and documentation
 Action Plan , Parental Contact,
and 30 minute after school
 Disciplinary Referral
Guideline Infraction Notice
If you choose not to follow these
guidelines, you will be given an
infraction notice.
Read it
Sign it
Keep it until the end of class
Guideline Infraction Notice
Severe Clause
 Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages
school property (this includes the property of the
teacher and other students), or is disrespectful (as
defined by the teacher) will be sent to the office
Entering the room
 Please enter quietly
 Check the board for
 Pick up your textbook from
the book shelf and your
“DO NOW” (if necessary)
 Take out your materials
 Begin bell work
When you are late:
Enter quietly
Excused: Place excuse in
the basket on my desk
Unexcused: See me at the end of class.
 Have a seat and take out
your materials
Getting your attention
I will:
Stand in front of the class
Raise my hand
Wait for everyone to be
Begin speaking
After an excused absence
 Go to my homework page
 Print and complete any handouts
 See me to schedule make-up exams,
quizzes, assignments.
Student Responsibility Card
This is for students who do not have the assigned
Fill it out
Sign and date it
Turn it in with the homework
Student Responsibility Report
Finish Classwork Early
“What do I do next?”
What Do I Do Next?
 Work on unfinished Spanish assignments
 Review vocabulary words (i.e. flashcards)
 Start working on tonight’s homework
Scheduled check out
 Please let me know as you enter the
 I will be at the door
 Quietly raise your hand to get my
 Pack your materials and leave at the
scheduled time
 If it is an emergency, quickly get my
attention and I will assist you.
Turning in papers
 Place your paper in the center of your
table or group.
 I will come by and collect all stacks
Classroom Discussions
 PLEASE participate
 I want to hear what you have to say
 If your question is off the topic,
write it down and ask later.
Moving around the room
 You must ask permission
 Do not ask during a classroom
discussion unless it is an emergency
Hall passes
 If you need to leave the classroom, please raise your
hand and ask to be excused.
 You will then need to sign in and out on the log located
in the front of the classroom.
 The pink hall pass must be kept with you at all times
while you are outside the classroom.
 Only one student may leave the classroom at a time.
Class Dismissal
The teacher dismisses you, not the bell
Do not start packing up prior to the
Wait until the teacher finishes and
officially dismisses you.
Have an great year!
Señorita O’Donovan