Possibilities for Music Notation and Accompaniment

The Use of Finale and Smart Music in
the Elementary Classroom
Lisa Buck
West Blocton High School
Explanation of the two programs
Demonstration of the two programs
Ideas for classroom application
Cost and contact information
Q. What is Finale?
A. Notation program
Q. What's A Notation program
A. A Program that can produce
printed music.
Screen shot
of a
Finale file
Finale Homepage
Q. What is Smart Music?
A. An accompaniment program
Q. What's an accompaniment program?
A. It's a computer program that
serves as a musical accompanist
such as a piano player.
Screen shot of SmartMusic! control panel
SmartMusic Homepage
(As of June 2005)
Finale Academic Price
* write songs up to 24 staves
* perfect for beginners
* create scores and print out parts
* scan sheet music for transposing or rearranging
Information Continued
SmartMusic! School Subscription
First Computer $90
Second Computer $60
Third Computer $30
Every Other Computer $20
Student Subscriptions
Lisa Buck
West Blocton High School
4734 Truman Aldrich Parkway
West Blocton, AL 35184
[email protected]