Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson and the
Lightning Thief
Rick Riordan
• Title: Percy Jackson and the
Olympians The Lightning
• Author: Rick Riordan
• Genre: Mystery, Fantasy,
Young-Adult Fiction, and
Five Important Elements to a Story
• Setting: The more general setting
is the U.S.A. and about 2010.
However, some more specific
settings are L.A., Vegas, New
York, and St. Lewis.
• Characters: Main- Percy
Jackson(Protagonist) , Annabeth
Chase, and Grover Underwood
Minor- Luke(Antagonist), Kronos,
The gods, Chiron, Monsters
• Theme: Finding Courage- I think
this because it is a journey for
Percy to learn about others.
• Conflict: The main conflict is
Person vs. Person. This is Luke
vs. Percy.
• Plot: Next slide...
Plot Diagram
1. Exposition- Percy
Leaves boarding school
to the time Poseidon
accepted him as son.
2. Rising Action-
3. Climax- Percy getting to the
Underworld and realizing the bolt
was in his backpack. Then his fit
with Ares.
Percy going on his
4. Falling ActionPercy returning the
bolt to Olympus.
5. Resolution Percy Confronting
Luke and then going
home for the school
Characters Details
• Percy- (Protagonist) He had to prove his
innocence toward all immortals. He is the
Protagonist because Luke is creating conflict with
• Annabeth- Percy's companion on his quest. She
helped him with battle strategy because she is
the daughter of Athena.
• Grover- Percy's protecter(Makes sure Monsters
don't kill Percy)
• Luke- (Antagonist) Wants Demi-gods to rule so,
he try's to start a war.
Why do I like this
• This book is about...Learning how to
fight and protect others as well as
yourself in the real world.
• What is the conflict...Person vs. Personthis is with Percy and Luke. Percy tries
to do good for the gods; however, Luke
is doing wrong for Kronos(king Titan)
My Favorite Part in the Book
Concluding details
• Mood: Suspense- I believe
that this is the mood because
I was always wondering what
would happen next.
• Theme: Finding Courage is
the central theme. I believe
this because Percy has to
find courage to fight and
defend mortals.
• Opinions: I loved this book.
It was very suspicious and
suspenseful. I loved the use
of adjectives and how it was
written in first person.
The End