November Practical Life Homework

Monthly Practical Life Homework
Each month your child will receive a Practical Life
assignment. They are to choose four activities from the
list and complete them throughout the month. Please
return the sign page when the activities have been
Practical Life is an essential component of Montessori
education. According to North American Montessori
Center, practical life activities help develop a high level
on concentration, a sense of order, pride in a job well
done, and increased independence. These activities also
help foster respect for the environment, classmates, and
others. They also help improve fine motor skills.
I think that you will find these activities enjoyable and
beneficial for your child. If you think of a different activity
that I have not added to the list, you may write it in and
complete that activity.
The signed activity sheets are due by the last day of each
As always, thank you for your help in educating your
Due Date:
Practical Life Homework
Choose 4 different assignments to complete before your due date.
Please choose activities that you do not normally do. The point of
this assignment is to learn to do something new, not to just
complete chores.
Record them above and have a parent sign that they were completed.
Assignment #_________ done on ____________
Assignment #_________ done on ____________
Assignment #_________ done on ____________
Assignment #_________ done on ____________
Parent Signature:_____________________
November Practical Life Homework
Answer the phone politely and clearly. Take a message for
someone in your family. Make sure you are accurate
including the name of the person calling, their phone number
and any additional information needed for the message.
2. Send a card to someone you care about. It can be a birthday,
get well, thinking of you, or Thanksgiving card. Make sure
you address the envelope correctly.
3. Meet with your family and make a fire escape plan for your
4. Plan a balanced meal for your family. Help your parents cook
the meal you have planned.
5. Clean the bathroom. Learn how to clean the sink, tub, and
6. Sew a button on or help hem a pair or pants.
7. Clean out the refrigerator.
8. Walk your dog. If you don’t have a dog, walk for exercise. Try
to see how quickly you can walk a mile.
9. Help you parents gather ingredients needed to make you
favorite dish for Thanksgiving dinner. Make sure all of the
items needed to make it are included on your family’s
shipping list.
10. Rake the leaves in your yard and prepare them for the trash.
Bag them up and take to the curb.