the nation of the great river

The Nation of the Great River
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Nation – Human Body
Great River – The Blood
The President – The Brain
The President’s Cabinet and Communication Department – Nervous System
The Department of Air Quality – The Respiratory System
The Department of Nutrition – The Digestive System
The Department of Purification – The Kidneys and Excretory System
The Walls and Towers of the Nation – The Skeletal System
The Maintenance Department – The Integumentary System
The Department of Defense – The Immune System
The Department of Transportation – The Circulatory System
The Department of Water Control – The Lymphatic system
The Space Program – The Reproductive System
Following the presentation the children should be presented with the Human Physiology Nomenclature
(ELC-4081) and the research cards that are provided.
We highly recommend that you play the music we have made available for you on our website, while
you are telling the story to the children. The music lasts a little over 8 minutes and it’s intended to sooth
and allow the children to find peace while listening to you.
Access to the music:
1. To access the music please visit the following page:
2. You can also access the music file by visiting our UPDATES page from our main website:
Once there scroll down to the Science Section and locate Item #: ELC-4083 and click on the icon
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