Setting workspace relative to script path

Absolute & Relative Paths
• Absolute
– Drive + {folder(s)} + {file}
• e.g. C:\Projects\Baffin\Data
– Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) + {folder(s)} + {file}
• \\machine_name\{folder(s)\{file}
• e.g. \\algshare\HOME
• Relative
No drive or machine_name
..\ = one level up, ..\..\ = two levels up, etc
someFolder = one level down into folder named someFolder
someFolder\otherFolder = two levels down
..\..\Baffin\data = two levels up and two levels down
Paths in Python
Paths to data, scripts, etc. must be in a form Python
understands (r"" , \\, or /)
import arcpy
Relative paths are relative to current working folder
# Current working folder
print os.path.abspath(os.path.curdir)
# Path to currently running script
print sys.path[0]
# Path to currently running script (more robust)
print os.path.dirname(__file__)
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Workspace relative to script
Relationship between the folder containing your script
and the folder containing your data (workspace) is the
same but the absolute path to these folders is different.
You want your code to be portable so you don’t want
absolute paths in your scripts.
Workspace relative to script
Use __file__ and os.chdir
to set current working
directory to that of the
script and then set the
workspace relative to it
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