Presentation-Making It Happen

7 Simple Stories of Building ‘Making-it-Happen’ Organization
Its a paradox that while Execution is the weakest link in corporate success, it has not emerged
as a management-discipline in it own right.
Conducted for LMA– Jan 06, 2012
Minimizing ‘Follow-up’
People waste 10-35% of their time, doing follow-up. What
if you do not have to?
Reducing time in Follow-up from ~20% to ~5%
What was done?
Laid out ‘No Follow-Up’ expectations from ALL employees & managers (1 day)
Had a brief session with employee every week on key tasks to be completed
Agreed on when and in what situation employee will provide an update on progress/completion
Even if was not getting done in time, manager was expected to know it before the deadline
Manager had to hold-back the ‘compulsive follow-up’
Time- 9 months of persistence.
Better planning and clarity
Sense of ownership & accountability at all levels
People respecting deadlines
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Minimizing ‘Multiple Accountability’ and ‘Upward Delegation’
If there are two people are responsible for something, it
will not get done
Reducing time to co-ordinate and arbitrate down by 50%
What was done?
Laid out ‘there is only one person responsible for a task’ to ALL
Trained & coached people on how to get things done with & through others
Minimized Follow-up
Empowered the person accountable to co-ordinate & drive everyone including the manager
If there is a conflict or issue, the person to gather all involved and drive decision with manager
Time- 9 months of persistence
A higher sense of accountability
Manager become a support and not a driver
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Making People ‘Think on their Own’
When people ‘think on their own’, ‘they do on their own’
Improving an Employees Self-Reliance Right questions to ask
‘What will you do if you were me?’
‘What are top-3 things you would like to change, if its your company?’ What can you do about it?’
What do you think is expected to happen? What should we do about it?
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Doing HR basics very well
80% of employee performance and motivation is to be
good in fundamentals
Strengthening the Core- HR Engine
What was done?
Complete HR Engine (manual/templates/Training..)- 30 days
Setting everyone’s goals-behaviors-Self Development- 30 days
Quarterly Persistence on Feedback and Appraisal
Honest Performance
Feedback- Online and
Performance Plan
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Sales Activity-Productivity- Performance Engine
If we know ‘what?’ Of sales person’s activity, consistency and
intensity, one can guarantee that sales will go-up
Strengthening the Core- Sales Productivity Engine
What was done?
Complete Sales-Engine (Process/templates/Training/Reports)- 45 days
Achieved smooth activity data- +90 Days
Performance Review and Productivity Increase- +90 days
Support-Train-CoachDrive Week After Week
Sales ActivityProductivityPerformance Review
Daily-Weekly Sales
Activity Data
Leads Management
Daily Work Management/
Activity/Productivity Norms
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Resilience Test
Real-Ideas of Cost-Savings Come, When you do not have the Money
Resilience Test- What will we do if we have 25% less money?
What was done?
Total Actionable Ideas Identified- 15 (resilience test passed)
No. of ideas actioned immediately- 5
Cost-Saving 12% over 6-9 months
Consolidated Sales
Quickened Invoicing and
Reconciled Accounts
Consolidated Offices
Put five vacant
properties on rent
Cleared two big inventory
blockage points
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Managing the Real World
By Recognizing ‘uncertainty’, you will have greater ‘certainty of
When you create a plan- think-through ‘Can and How will you Execute it?’
Have we validated our assumptions?
What are early warning signals on key assumptions we have made on customer-market-price- tariffs?
What will be our measures, how will be report our performance and when will we have red-alert?
What if competition reduces price OR input cost goes up? How will we maintain the flexibility of margins?
What are minimum core capabilities needed to achieve our plan, and how they can be deployed in time?
What are the five internal things we have to do very well? How are we ensuring that we will do it?
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