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Corporate Profile
AAR Technologies and Software Solution Pvt. Ltd
Rtizen - The Company
AAR Technologies and Solution Private Limited
Rtizen, the team of AAR Technologies and Solutions Pvt. Ltd located in Kolkata, India, is
a software consultancy company that offer integrated solutions and services in almost all
the domain of Information Technology.
Our strength lies in a young and committed team that combines business acumen with
technical expertise. Our core competence lies in the delivery of world-class solutions that
involve Business Intelligence, Web Applications, Desktop/Client Server Applications,
Embedded Technologies, Industrial Automation, CRM and ERP, SAP Implementation
Multimedia and Graphics Applications, GIS and AutoCAD Engineering.
The Key Advantages of working with us :
Rtizen don’t treat customers as parties, rather they like to do business as a family
which does not end up in a single or time defined project but our relationship
continues to grow as we grow larger and larger in size.
High Reliability
Moderate Prices
Wide Range of Services
Speedy Project Implementation
High Degree of Confidentiality
Constant Working Resource Availability
You can find many more about us in our company website
The Key Advantages of working with us :
 Highly Efficient Management Team – Team consist of Industry veterans ranging from 7 to 19
years of experience in IT industry with exceptional expertise and outstanding performance all
over the world. The team has utmost dedication, responsibility flowing along with blood.
 Multi Expertise – The team comprises of multi level expertise like Marketing, Logistic, Core
database application, embedded technology and many others.
 Optimum Level of Marketing Contacts – The team keeps high level contacts both in the
domestic as well as in the international markets. In the past 2 years it has developed such
quality products across the globe that customers have developed an excellent acumen of trust
and faith on us.
 Smart Business Strategies – The team along with consultation of CA, CS consultant has
developed very smart business strategies to have maximum returns with minimum investment.
Our Relationship Goal with Client
 We are in a serious endeavor to build up a business relationship with respect to
software solution development. Our aim is to provide high end solutions to our
clientele. We want to bring utmost customer satisfaction through quality product,
on time delivery and zestful support and services. We focus doing business like
 In-house and customized software development for the company.
 24x7 Support and maintenance of your software and systems.
 Inducting corporate training to fellow employees on various IT fields
 Organizing corporate seminars shows etc.
In short we want to go for a SLA, by means of which we can have your entire
software division outsourced to us.
Major Projects
Technology Areas
The team of young and dynamic Rtizen can confidently handle the
following software:
Operating system : Linux, Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000/98
RDBMS Platform
GUI Environments
 MS-Access
 My Sql
 VISUAL Studio 6
 VISUAL Studio .NET
 Jbuilder
Multimedia Technology
Tools & languages:
 C, C#, C++
 Assembly
Our Product Lines
Tourist Information System-TIS is a
developed for the Travel & Tourism
Industry which is basically a
repository of an organization's
electronically stored data to facilitate
reporting and analysis. This Classic
or general definition focuses on data
storage. However, the means to
retrieve and analyze data, to extract,
transform and load data, and to
manage the data dictionary are also
considered essential components of
this system. Many references to TIS
use this broader context. Thus, an
expanded definition for Tourism
Information System includes business
intelligence tools, tools to extract,
transform, and load data into the
repository, and tools to manage and
retrieve metadata
Queue Management System
(Appointment Management System)
The said system will work as a facilitator for
customer satisfaction. Whenever a new
patient will be coming to a Hospital this
said system will facilitate the patient to
locate his/her position in the queue, and
remember him/her about his/her proximity
to the time of consultation to a specific
doctor. It has been done using web
architecture, having a centralized
database and output will be multiple
simultaneous Moduler LED, and plasma
Prescribe - It’s a solution for Doctors for
keeping patient database, Patient history,
medicine list and get Print out of
TestMate is a test engine, developed
under the aegis of AAR Technologies
and Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. that
enables faculties to create subject
based questions papers and test their
students in a multiple choice or
true/false setup. The students in turn
can analyze and compare their scores
against their earlier performances and
also against the performance of other
students. Result will be visible to
students immediately after the
completion of the test, if the admin so
This application can be used both as
online (internet based) and offline
(intranet based) application and comes
without any licensing charges because
it has been developed in free source
using JAVA, POSTGreSQL. To add to
the user’s convenience, the application
can be run on both WINDOWS and
LINUX. It has been particularly
developed for MULTIPLE CHOICE
and TRUE/FALSE format.
BDJ Stamping
Healthcare and
Banking and
US Vitamins
Contai Co Operative Bank
Ghatal Agricultural and Rural Development Bank
BECB (Bank Employees Co Operative Bank)
Data Infocom
Ashok Laboratory
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