Build a Castle! - I Love History

Build a Castle!
Your homework over the next few
weeks will be to build a model of a
There are many different types of
castle you could build. In class, we
have looked at motte and bailey
castles (A), stone keep castles (B)
and concentric castles (C).
You may decide to create a model
of an actual castle like those built
at Chepstow or Goodrich after the
Norman Conquest.
You must avoid building a fantasy
castle. You need to show a
historical understanding of castles
in the Medieval period.
You may work individually or in a
Remember, small is beautiful! A
well labelled small castle is more
likely to win than a giant one with
no labels.
The best castles will include how it
changed over time.
Try to use leftover or waste items to
build your castle e.g. loo-roll innards or
wrapping paper etc.
Initial ideas:
A student’s model of a motte and
bailey castle
The student has used lollipop sticks for
the bailey and an old cardboard box to
make the huts. The mound or motte is
made from papier-maché. The trees
are made from twigs and painted
cotton wool.
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