American Weapons in WWII Power Point

American Weapons in
Bigger, Faster, Stronger!
• Weapons were now needed to be made at
a higher frequency so mass production
was a must!
• Bolt Actions etc. were now out of date,
they needed weapons that could fire fast
and deliver a punch
• The War also called for heavy equipment
such as planes, ships, tanks, trucks, and
various types of vehicles
• This also supplied Americans with
countless jobs for the War effort
• The Colt 1903 was a
officers weapon for
sometime in WWII
• The M1911 was the
standardized pistol for
American Soldiers and
was Genius for
• Grenades commonly
used were the Mk-II
“Pineapple”, and Mk-III
concussion- it was
used to rampage
trenches and oblivious
Rifles and Explosives
• The two common rifles of
WWII were the M1 Garand
and M1 Carbine, these
rifles also saw the most
• Submachine guns
included the thompson
and the M3“Grease Gun”
• Explosives included the
M1A1 Bazooka, and M1A1
Flame thrower
• Mortors included the M1,
M2, and M19
• Planes like the b-29
super fortress and the b17 were crucial in
successfully completing
bombing missions
• The Northrop P-61 black
widow played a major
role in all theatres with
its specially equipped
technology allowing
pilots to strike by night
• The P-38 “Lightning” or
“Fork-Tailed Devil” by
Germans it was fast
powerful and was the
“brainchild of aviation”
War at Sea
• Ships were mainly used In
the Pacific theatre with
Japan and also in the Europe
theatre for D-Day and to
• The USS Iowa was (bb-61)
Battleship (1st of its kind)
was used to deter Japanese
• The USS Enterprise “Big E”
was the most famed Aircraft
Carriers used in WWII it was
the first to sink a Japanese
submarine it also was
involved in “Doolittle” raids
having B-25’s take off and
attack Japan’s capital
Land and Artillery
• Jeeps saw the most action in
WWII, 3 were made every 4
minutes, it could even run under
water with special intake and
exhaust attachments
• LVT the Amphibious vehicle saw
action mainly in Japan but
proved useful also trucks for
carrying soldiers like m2/m9 half
track and GMC- “Deuce and a ½
• Tanks from Super heavy like the
T-28 and light like the M24
Chafee were used to take