Chapter 25 Study Guide (REGULAR AND BASIC)

Mr. Love
Chapter 25 Study Guide
Define and Understand:
Did President Truman integrate the military after WWII was over?
Did the US suffer the most casualties during WWII?
Doolittle Raid –
Two front war –
What ended the Great Depression –
How does Hitler die –
What happened to the Japanese emperor after WWII?
Normandy Invasion –
Cost-plus system –
Liberty ships –
Why does Japan attack at Midway Island –
Fair Employment Practices Commission –
Blue points and red points –
Why was Iwo Jima important for the US –
Napalm –
Bataan Death March –
B-25 bombers –
Bracero Program –
Korematsu v. the United States
Office of Price Administration –
Interment camps –
Sunbelt –
United Nations –
V-E Day –
V-J Day –
Tuskegee Airmen –
E bonds –
Mr. Love
Chapter 25 Study Guide
Leyte Gulf –
442nd Regimental Combat team –
Selective Service and Training Act –
Omaha –
Kasserine Pass –
Enola Gay –
Ration –
D- Day –
Battle of Stalingrad –
Convoy system –
Periphery –
Japanese American Citizens League –
Victory gardens –
Rosie the Riveter –