PRESENTATION 2a: WASH Cluster Introduction

Southern Sudan WASH Cluster
Medair, Jesse Pleger, WASH Advisor
Unicef, Ken Maskall, Chief of WASH
Key Statistics
– Poor water coverage: 48.3% of
population has access to safe
water. (SHHS)
– Poor sanitation coverage: 6.4% of
population has access to adequate
sanitation. (SHHS)
– In EVERY Southern state, less
than 6% of the population uses
BOTH water from an improved
source AND sanitary means of
excreta disposal. (SHHS)
– 2011: 33 WASH Partners across
all 10 states.
Key Activities
– Emergency response coordination
– Contingency planning for the
– Sharing of best practices
– Development of standard tools
– Program mapping to ensure best
coverage across S Sudan
– Facilitating relationships among all
actors—UN, GoSS, donors, NGOs
Key Information
– Cluster meetings:
Last Tuesday of every month, 10 AM,
Pact office (next: Nov 30th)
– Google Group:
“Southern Sudan WASH Forum”
– My contact:
091 908 1572