KNX system ()

What we use for the KNX?
Home automation is an up and coming trend that
the public looks for in residential houses,
apartments, and commercial businesses. Although
many techniques used in building automation (such
as light and climate control, control of doors and
window shutters, security and surveillance systems,
etc.) are also used in home automation, additional
functions in home automation can include the
control of multi-media home entertainment
systems, automatic houseplant watering and pet
feeding, automatic scenes for dinners and parties,
and a more user-friendly control interface.
A little history
A new solution was found by the Siemens AG with a couple of other
electronics manufacturers in 1987. The objective was to create a system,
that was able to measure, control, regulate and survey all functions of a
The concept of this system convinced many electronics manufacturers
so that the European Installation Bus Association EIBA was founded on
May 8, 1990. The co-operation created a standardized bus system, with
the already mentioned demands. Since 1993, more than 100 European
firms produce standard fitting EIB products. The EIBA, surveys the
compatibility and quality demands and awards the EIB label for products.
Programing interface with PC
The computer can
comunicate with the
interface trough RS232 or
USB connection!
Data Interface
The RS232 data
ETS (Engineering Tool Software) is the unique
manufacturer independent Tool Software to
design and configure intelligent home and
building control installations made with the
KNX system.
Using areas
• Light systems
-Movement sensors
-Light Dimming
-Lighting scenes
-Shutter controling
Dimmer Controller
4 Fold Switch
IR Sensor/Switch
If you have an IR
Sensor/Switch, you can also
control the brightness of the
lamp with the remote
Movement Sensor
This sensor is able to activate not just
a siple lamp…BUT…
The shutter
can be
cotrolled by
the sensor
and the
We can also
control the
switch with
the remote
Brightness Sensor
Switch / IR Sensor
Remote Control
For Example: In a school, the teacher would like to show some
pictures for the students.
When the teacher activates the projector…
...In the classroom…
…all of the shutters come down…
…all the lights go out!!!
Heating sytems
Achieve maximum comfort through creation of different
temperature zones within the premises – achieve considerable
energy savings by presence control and temperature regulation of
individual rooms and offices – time dependant temperature
profiles – incorporation of boiler control and circulation pumps.
4 mod’s :
- At home
- Away
- Night
- Dehumidifier
In the comfort mode,
the highest
temperature level
(e.g., 22°C) is selected
when heating, and
lowest cooling level
(e.g., 24°C) when
In standby mode, the
setpoint temperature
the heating is slightly
(e.g., to 20°C).
In the nighttime mode,
temperature is
lowered further
when heating (or
increased when
When we away from
home, there is an exact
temperature when the
humid precipitates.
This function can arrest
this process!
Remote Controlled Light
Remote Controlled Shutter
Tomorrow, we will show you the
technical and more practical side of
this system!
And now my colleagues Ferenc and
Arnold are going to present you the
video application, named CF Media!