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Compass for Croydon
GSL’s meeting, 15th July 2014
Tony Crackett
District Compass Champion 07767 776711
Closing down the old
 The old system is now closed to new CRB Clearance
requests, including Repeat CRBs
 Clearance requests that have been submitted to the
system will continue to be processed.
 28th July MMS will be shut down
for about 2 weeks.
 Emergency requests for information via HQ only
 A District Directory will be circulated with as up-to-date
information as possible before 28th July.
 Access to Programmes on Line and Print Centre will not be
Opening up the new: 1
Adult (incl. Scout Network) records will be
available on Compass
Priority users with individual functionality
Appointments Secretary
Training Manager
District Commissioner
District Secretary
Opening up the new: 2
Priority for data checking:
Adults with more than 2 roles
Adults with roles outside District/County
Network Members
Groups with more than one of a section
Explorer adults
Any known queries unresolved by 28th July
The main changes
1. Section Scouters and Sectional Assistants will be linked to
their SECTION, not just the Group
2. If they are running two sections, we need to record those
roles – easier done after Compass is live.
Opening up the new: 3
Involving GSLs
1. Making sure all GSLs have a personal logon and have
used it
2. Checking the relevant roles of their Adults
Involving all adults (extracts from POR)
1. Compass must contain accurate and up-to-date
information on all youth, adult Members and Associate
Members of the Association as well as connected
individuals such as Executive Committee Members,
Occasional Helpers and relevant parents/carers.
2. Adult members are responsible for maintaining their own
data e.g. name, address, contact details either directly or
via a nominated individual.
Preparing Youth Data
(by end September)
• Spreadsheet format (from what you have OR
downloaded from OSM) one per section.
• I have a template but am holding it back until User
Acceptance Testing is complete in case it changes
• Youths moving sections. I suggest that the Sending
section is most likely to have complete data, so should
submit the personal details, otherwise there is a risk of
one person having two records. Particularly true for
Scout to Explorer.
• Spreadsheet will upload to a secure website (details
• Let me know as soon as possible if you have problems.
• User guides for individual processes at
not 100% complete yet
• Collected User Guides for roles
• Video clips
• A Training database where you can try things
My Objectives
1. Significantly cleaner adult data than before
2. Minimum disruption to Scouting routine
3. All Groups able to load youth data at end of
4. Everything clean for Jan 2015 census
5. Only then will I be trying to actively encourage
using the other features – you may be ahead
of me.