Navigation Training Day

Great Adventure Race for Cure Kids
Navigation Training Day
Sunday 24 January 2016
YMCA Camp Adair, 2487 Hunua Road, Hunua
Programme for the day:
Participants arrive and register. Coffee/tea available.
Welcome and Safety Briefing
Race Preparation forum with Race Director Alan Nelson:
Performance Lab training program, race equipment, race-day strategies, team dynamics,
transitions, training safely, nutrition and hydration, Q&A open forum.
Introduction of NOAA instructors and brainstorm of what you want to cover in the training.
Hand out of a quick fire quiz to complete during morning tea.
Navigation worksheet also handed out. Answers given at lunch time!
Morning tea.
NOAA Session one - Map grid references, map orientation, contour lines.
NOAA Session two - Map to compass, orientating your map using a compass.
NOAA Session three - Risk Management and Trip Plan for afternoon field session.
Lunch - BYO
MSC Session four - Practical route planning in the field
What will I see on the way?
 what is the ground going to be like?
 what man made features will there be?
 what should I be able to see from high points?
 what compass direction will xxx be in when I am at yyy point etc….
How am I going to know that I am there?
 Scale/ measuring distance on the map
 Time estimating
 Distance estimating when on the go
 How to use your altimeter
Use of altimeter
How to take a bearing - compass use on and off-track.
NB: Participants in the fieldwork session must wear/carry all mandatory team and
personal race gear