Desktop Functions

Desktop Functions
My Documents
Used for storing data that you have
created on your computer
Also has pre-made folders for “My Music”
and “My Pictures”
You can create folders to organize your
files and documents, just like you might do
at home.
Creating Folders
1. Open “My Documents” on the desktop
2. Click on “File” in the Menu Bar
3. Click on “New”
4. Click on “Folder”
Menu Bar
Naming your Folder
The New folder should appear and look
like this :
By clicking in the box and highlighting
“New Folder” you can re-name the file as
something that describes the information
in the folder. Press enter when you are
My Computer
“My Computer” shows you what drives are
available on your computer.
To open “My Computer” select the icon
from the desktop.
My Computer
“My Computer” may look something like
this when you open it:
Recycling Bin
The Recycling Bin is a storage area for items
you want to delete from your computer.
This will only work on files, folders and
 Programs and software must be uninstalled
The recycling bin is on the desktop and will
look something like this:
Using the Recycling Bin
To use the Recycling bin, select a folder,
file, or document and press “Delete” on the
Recycling Bin
After you do this, a “dialogue box” appear.
(a dialogue box is a box that asks you a
question about what you are doing)
This is a
If you are ready to delete it, click on “yes”.
If you have made a mistake,
you can click “no”
Restoring Documents
If you have recycled something on accident
and would like to bring it back
Double-Click on the Recycling Bin icon
Select the file/document/folder
Choose “File” from the Menu Bar
Select “Restore”
The file will go back
to its original location
Things to remember about Recycling…
o When you empty the
recycle bin, the file
will be gone for good!
o If you do not want the
files deleted,
select “no”
Help & Support
Help & Support is found in the “Start Menu”
located at the bottom left corner
of your monitor. To open it,
click on “Start”
When you select “Help
& Support” the
information will open
up in a new window
Start Menu
There are Many options to choose from for when you
need help with Windows
Things you may use “Help & Support” for:
1. Learn to use basic functions of your computer
 How to search for a file
 How to protect your computer
 How to update your computer
2. Learn how to customize your computer
 Change your background picture
 Add a screensaver
3. You can search the word “Glossary” to find the
Windows Glossary and look up computer
words that are confusing.
Any Questions?