Religion: Peace and
Stick the key
word sheet into
your book
Religion: Peace and conflict
• Religion and Issues of war and peace - UN, just
wars, Christian attitudes
• Religion and bullying – religious attitudes to
• Conflict and reconciliation – conflict in families
and religous teachings on forgiveness and
What does this symbol represent?
The United Nations was established in 1945 to
preserve world peace and remove potential
causes of conflict, encouraging economic, social,
educational and cultural progress
The UN emblem shows the world held in the
“olive branches of peace”.
Since 1945 there has been 61 UN field missions
and 172 UN organised peace settlements.
Big Picture
• Lesson focuses on the United Nation and
World Peace.
• Title – The United Nations and World Peace
Reading -Knowledge of the UN
Feedback on example of UN peace work
Debate – on UN’s ability to promote peace
Demonstrate – 6 mark question
• All will build knowledge of the United Nations
• All will know one example of the UN’s work for
• Most will learn at least three reasons why the
UN is important for world peace
• Most will actively involved in a discussion on if
the UN ability to promote peace
• Few will answer a 6 mark exam style question
and gain full marks
• Two tasks on the paper the must be
completed into your books
• We will be discussing Just Wars next lesson
Read through .....
• Document on the UN in Kosovo
UN is important for World Peace....
• Recommends actions to stop any threats to world peace by
• Imposing sanctions on countries threatening world peace
• Authorising the use of force by member states to stop an
• Sending a UN peacekeeping force to
- Prevent outbreak of a conflict
- Stabilise a conflict
- Assist in peace settlement
- Support in the creation of a stable government
Do organisations help stop conflict and create
world peace?
Now your books
• ‘The United Nations is the best chance for
world peace.’
• Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion.
• Give reasons why some people may disagree
with you. In your answer, you should refer to
at least one religion. 3 marks
Think stewardship for your religious point
• Explain how the UN is important for world
peace? 8marks
• Read out your answer
• What mark should you receive?
Sends in peacekeeping forces
to prevent possible conflicts and
resolve conflicts that are
Brings countries together to
remove causes of conflict
Love thy neighbour
Doesn't always create a
peaceful outcome e.g.
sanctions in Iraq and Iran
Treat others and want to be
treated, sanctions can have an
affect of normal citizens
Beliefs can clash with other
nation ideals