Introduction to International Relations Research Poster Conference

Introduction to International Relations Research Poster Conference
December 7, 2011 – 4:30 to 6:15pm in the SIS Atrium
Session 1: The Politics of Development and the Environment, 4:30-5:15pm
Matt Bowers. “Does Size Really Matter? The Case of Microstate Viability.”
Sean Dugdale. “Water Wars: Institutional Perception and Effectiveness as Determinants of Conflict in Water-Scarce States.”
Justin Kiel. “The Resource Curse.”
Carly Messinger. “Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: A Rubric for Development?”
Nallely Mejia. “Becoming the Enemy: How Intragroup Discrimination Undermines Political Empowerment in the Mexican
Julia Bellotti. “"The Decision Making Process: Does a Military Background Matter?”
Colin Benz. "Contemporary Attitudes of German Youth Towards the Turkish Minority.”
Xholina Nano. “Flight From Unemployment in Post-Communist Albania.”
Katrina Potts. “Separated at Birth: Corruption and the Divergent Development Paths of Georgia and Estonia.”
Joseph Lacey. “The Effects of Trade Openness and External Debt on Investment Risk.”
Qin Guo. “Banking on Islam: Financial Institutions in the Islamic World.”
Emily Edwards. “Economic Growth and Quality of Life.”
Chloe Lyon. “Consumer Perception of Fair Trade Coffee.”
Cynthia Arevalo. “Understanding the Economic Aspirations of Illegal Immigrants in the United States.”
James Shannon. “Collective Action and the Occupy Movement.”
Joel Hammond. “Drone Strikes: the Impact on U.S.-Pakistani Public Opinion.”
Cody Steele. “Shifting Social Movement Theory and Students in the Streets.”
Reception 5:15-5:30pm, Remarks by Dean Goldgeier and Dean Cowles
Session 2: Security and Foreign Policy, 5:30-6:15pm
Miki Kobayashi. “Investigating the Resurgence of Leftist Regimes in Latin America: Cases of Bolivia and Chile.”
Alaina Mulhearn. "The Rise and Fall of Violence: Why Certain Violent Non-State Actors Survive While Others Dissolve.”
Chase Freeman. “Roots of Haitian Misfortune.”
Chul Hun Lee. “An Exploration of the Impact of IMF Loan Conditionalities on a Country's Level of Trade.”
Michelle McKeever. “Female Presidents in Argentina and Chile: How They Influence Reproductive Rights Policies.”
Harry Goldman. “Crises, Treaties, and the Nuclear ‘Trust Gap’.”
Matthew Osborn. “Patterns of Peacekeeping: Search for a Causal Pathway with UN Authorized Interventions.”
Conner Moore. “Peacekeeping vs. Peace: UN Peacekeeping and Long-term State Stability.”
Nicholas Blake. “The Cost of Admission: Contemporary Burden Sharing in NATO.”
Nathalie von Veh. “The Potential for Art to Create Awareness in the Environmental Movement.”
Kurt Girard. “Efficacy of Eradication.”
Kirsten Peterson. “Policy and Recovery in Colombia.”
Alex Vanier. “China's 'Peaceful' Rise: A Battle of Perceptions.”
Lieselotte Siegenthaler. “Reflecting on the UN: Western Media and Peacekeeper Abuse.”
Matthew Stefanski. “Truth Be Told: Lustration and its Impact on Coalition Governments in Post-Communist European States.”
Gary Zottoli. “U.S. Public Opinion and Discourse After Nixon's Visit to China.”
Jeffrey Gan. “Red, Blue, and Green Taiwan: Identity Politics in a Post-Imperial Relationship.”