18.1 Critical Thinking
1. What caused suspicions between the US and Soviet Union during
Stalin had once been an ally of Hitler and only changed sides after Hitler
invaded SU. US delayed there attack of Ger in Euro; Stalin wanted to
draw Ger away from SU.
2. How did the US and the Soviet Union relate to each other at the UN?
they both used the UN meeting as an opportunity to spread their
influences over others
3. What happened at the Postdam Conference?
The Big 3 met for a conference. It became apparent that Stalin was
not going to keep his agreement of free elections in Poland and the
rest of Eastern Europe
4. What was the essence of the disagreement between the US and the
Soviet Union in Europe?
Stalin wanted reparations from Ger. US wanted access to raw
materials and access to markets in Eastern Europe.
5. How were the US and the Soviet Union different?
SU had sustained major damage and loss of life whereas the US
had not.
18.1 Critical Thinking
6. What actions did the Soviet Union take in Europe that was opposed
by the US?
Stalin set up commie governments in Eastern European countries
that bordered the SU.
7. What was the Truman Doctrine?
A US policy of supporting free people who are resisting pressure
from other countries (SU)
8. What was the Marshall Plan?
Providing aid to European countries that needed it. Rebuild
economies for trade and keep them from going commie.
9. What caused Stalin to close access to Berlin?
Stalin hoped to take over all of Berlin
10. How did the Allies get supplies to West Berlin?
Berlin Airlift: supplies were dropped in West Berlin by allied planes
11. Why was the NATO alliance formed?
Due to fear of Soviet aggression. The West feared that the SU
would try to take over other countries.
Origins of the Cold War
• In your notebook, create the following
Cause: Soviet Action
Soviet leader Joseph Stalin
refused free elections in
Eastern Europe & set up
satellite nations
Effect: US Action
Effect: US Action
Cause: Soviet Action
Soviet blockaded Berlin for almost
one year
Effect: US Action
Effect: US Action
Origins of the Cold War
• Work with the person next to you to find the effects of the two
• Use the following terms to and names to fill out the diagram:
Trumann Doctrine
Berlin Airlift
• Truman administration established a policy of containment to block
further Soviet expansion
• Truman Doctrine declared tht the US would support any free country
tht was resisting a takeover by an outside or an armed force
• The US flew food & supplies into West Berlin during the Berlin Airlift
• The US joined 10 other Western European nations in creating
NATO, a defensive military alliance
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