13.4 The Soviet Union and Stalin

13.4 Notes
10.7.3 Analyze the rise of totalitarian
To understand the Soviet Union under Stalin
Joseph Stalin took over
after Lenin’s death
 Turned Soviet Union
into totalitarian state
 Command Economygovernment control on
 5 year plans- programs
to build heavy industry,
improve transportation,
increase farming
Despite developing industry, people’s general
standard of living remained low
Managers produced lots of low quality goods
to meet quotas
Collective- a state owned farm, operated by
groups of peasants
Kulaks-wealthy farmers
 Did not want to give up their own land
 Stalin killed and sent them to labor camps
Led to “Terror Famine” 5-8 mil died
Stalin used secret police,
torture and purges (mass
killings) to edh,/ljnsure
Gulag- system of brutal
labor camps
The Great Purge-1934
secret police cracked
down on rival party
Many of the most
talented people also died
Stalin made a “cult of
personality” around
himself using propaganda
Censorship in the Arts
 Stalin required a style called
“socialist realism” to show
Soviets life as positive
 Faced persecution if they
War on religion- also tried
to make people atheists,
for loyalty only to state
New elite were communist party members
Some benefits of communism
 Free schools
 Free medical care for children
 Equality for women
international pursued
world-wide revolution
 Also wanted
recognition/ trade with
western powers