20130713 GM presentation FM13

GM Free Greater Manchester
Feeding Manchester
July 2013
Have you eaten food from a restaurant or
takeaway in Manchester in the last 12 months?
Did you consider the fact that you might be eating
genetically modified food?
Rusholme survey has shown that 100% of
takeaways which responded are selling food
cooked in GM oil without informing customers
Good news!
They are supposed to inform you
Possible fine: £20,000
Options for eateries:
1) Label use of GM cooking oil on menus and/or
2) Stop using GM cooking oil
But bad news...
We the people will need to enforce this
But there's more good news!
We have a plan! But we need your help
Let's GM map this city!
Want to be involved?
Next time you're in a restaurant or takeaway, or
pass one, just ask (top tip – take a GM spotter
card with you)
Send us your survey results
Got a smarty phone?
Why? Health risks
Séralini Affair
Why? Environmental impact
Why? Amazon deforestation
Why? Seed heritage – our future