File - Tyler Doerner

Tyler Doerner
Current Address
Manchester University, Box 634
North Manchester, IN 46962
(317) 726-6561
Home Address
8009 Cardinal Cove West
Indianapolis, IN 46256
Objective: Seeking a summer internship in exercise science and fitness related
Bachelor of Science
May 2018
Manchester University
North Manchester, IN
Major: Exercise Science and Fitness
 Awarded Dean’s Scholarship, $16,500 each year with a minimum GPA
requirement of 2.0
 National Honor Society
 Exercise Science Club
 Will complete 150 credit hours by graduation
Relevant Work Experience:
Intern Assistant Baseball Coach
Lawrence North HS, Spring/Summer 2015
 Assisted head coach during practices and games
 Worked with 33rd overall draft pick Nolan Watson
 Team won sectionals
Practical Experience in Lesson Planning and Teaching
Teaching Lab ESS 250 at Manchester University Fall 2015
 Developed Lesson Plans
 Taught kids proper technique in wide variety of sports
Practical Experience in Injury and Illness Prevention
Injury Illness Lab ESS 150 at Manchester University Fall 2015
 Learned proper taping and wrapping technique for injured athletes
 Learned proper crutch fitting for injured athletes
 Learned different weather precautions to take
Intern for Joey Myers from the Hitting Performance Lab
Summer of 2015
 Wrote different blog posts about the technique of different hitters at the
Major League Level
 Performed hitting experiments that involved human movement laws
Other Work Experience:
Working for Logo USA
Westfield, IN Summer of 2013, 2014, and 2015
 Cleaned printing screens
 Swept floors
 Organized boxes that had different sizes and colors of clothes in them
 Helped print T-Shirts
Community Involvement:
VBS (Vacation Bible School) Instructor
Castleview Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN Summers of 2011, 2012, and 2013
Worked with kids from 2nd-5th grade
Lead them through different stations throughout the day
Worked with other members that had the same age kids as I did
College Activities: Part of the baseball team 2014-present
Exercise Science Club 2014-present
Professional Skills
Team member; Competitive; Cooperative; Efficiency when working