Human Service Advisory Council November 4, 2011 AGENDA

Human Service
Advisory Council
November 4, 2011
Congratulations on the Dean’s Department Tour
Congratulations on Leave Reports
Updated Vitae needed
Spring Schedule
Program Reports/Updates (i.e., local “Strategies to Improve SFA Faculty Public Image”?)
COE Diversity Committee report/update (Dr. Larson)
Current shell of the departmental website visible @
Please review for commentary /discussion/recommendations next meeting
TracDat Reviews (Feedback overview)
Updates Required
Consistent language across objective, criterion, results, and follow-up
Congruency between results and indication of criterion met
Number of students AND percentages must be noted in the results narrative
Absence of indicators of continuous improvement in means of assessment/criterion,
action/follow-up (i.e., stable % of expectations in scores and student achievement,
persisting small samples for assessment without indication of effort to increase
numbers; inattention to results in action/follow-up and in establishing future criterion
for assessment)
Differences across programs in expectations of success (i.e. % of students expected to meet the
criterion of objectives)
Action/Follow-up embedded in results—make sure to differentiate between results and followUp
Careful review of the current objectives for clarity and relevance
Adjunct Faculty Selection, Preparation/Training, Evaluation, Supervision, and Evaluation
Center/Institute/Clinic/Laboratory Authorization (Carrie Brown—ORSP)
Approved Centers, Institutes and Specialized Testing/Service Laboratories
Name of Center Director
Anthropology & Archaeology Laboratory (ALL) Dr. Leslie Cecil
Center for a Livable World Dr. Brian Murphy
Center for Applied Social Research (CASRE) Dr. Lee Payne
Center for East Texas Studies (CETS) Dr. Jere Jackson
Center for Economic Development & Research Dr. Gary Kronrad
Center for Regional Heritage Research (CRHR) Dr. Mark Barringer
Columbia Regional Geospatial Service Center P.R. Blackwell
Institute for White-tailed Deer Management & Research Dr. James C. Kroll
National Center for Pharamaceutical Crops Dr. Shiyou Li
Rural Social Work Research & Development Center Dr. Freddie Avant
Science Research Center (SRC) Dr. Beatrice Clack
SFASU Gardens Dr. David Creech
Soil, Plant, & Water Analysis Laboratory Dr. Leon Young
Statistical Consulting Center Dr. Gregory Miller
STEM Research & Learning Center Dr. Kimberly Childs
The Teaching Excellence Center (TEC) Dr. John T. Moore
Waters of East Texas (WET) Center Dr. Kenneth Farrish