AMS 7th Grade Team Meeting Agenda/Minutes Date: 11/18//15

AMS 7th Grade Team Meeting Agenda/Minutes
Date: 11/18//15
Time: 11:00
Team Leader Meeting
Language Arts
_____ April Jones
_X__ Elizabeth Forney
World Languages
_X_ Rizza Padilla
_X__ Kristina Humm
_____ Sherri McCusker
_X_ Mellony Conyers
_X__ Richard Fox
_____ Maria Naranjo
_X__ Kathy Gardner
_____ Katrina Ribgy
World Cultures
_X__ Joey Bigsby
__X__ Andrew Murray
_____ Karyn Mills
_absent __ Cindy Evans
__X__ Renee Whitby
_____ Brian Mangiafico
_X Sam Newman
_____ Mary Kay Graham
_____ Beth Milstead
AMS Vision
Arbutus Middle School students will have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to reach their potential as middle level learners and
be prepared to participate in their high schools and communities as responsible and productive 21 st century learners and citizens.
Desired Outcomes:
By the end of this meeting, the following outcomes will have been met:
Participants will ……Student Academic Progress Related Topics (Can be sharing time for strategies and student work using data teams, lesson studies,
tuning protocols, and the “non-workshop”)
Participants will ……Student Emotional/Social Progress Related (Team works in conjunction with counselors and support staff)
Participants will ……. “Housekeeping” Items (Scheduling, field trips, school policies and procedures)
Student Academic Progress
D/E Deficiency:
Interventions files are in the Grade 7 Team folder
How are me meeting the needs of these students?
3 or more D/E’s
What can we do to make sure they are going to show
progress in quarter 2?
Edith Gonzalez
Bashiri Agyemang
What is working for specific students for one teacher that
Allison McMillin (on project attend)
may work for another teacher?
Isaiah Stokes
Jordan Epps
What supports does your team need?
Keith Hurt
David Jones
Evan Watson-Kesner
Joseph Busch
Jaiden Sullivan
Keyon Johnson
Nathan Markley
Ricky Long – Please add to Project Attend
Paige Nestor
Jordan Thomas
Jacob Lengfelder
Need to complete:
R. Bozeman
R. Tahir
S. Gibson
S. Hokanson
K. West
Student Emotional/ Social Progress
o What positive interventions have we
completed to help students stay on track,
Book Study: Grading Smarter Not Harder
 Shared Drive
 Professional Development
 Grading
Deferred to next week
Officially starts on November 30th - First reading
due December 7th (Chapter 1)
Teacher Sign Up on Edmodo by next week
o For discussions
 Grading Smarter
o Rule 5210
Follow the Lateness Policy
One Card Checks during homeroom
Arbutus MS Grade Level Meeting Agenda Topics
Meetings will be conducted in a flipped format. Teachers will review the information/data prior to the meeting, to be able to discuss
during the meeting.
Student achievement data: grades, assessments
PD topic: twice/monthly
Interdisciplinary connections: share curricular concept topics to foster collaboration among content areas; once/monthly
PBIS data: behaviors and next steps (chronic issues, red zone students, possible mentors for students reaching 3-6 SIRS,
homeroom reminders for SIR hierarchy and Eagles bucks buyback, support from available human resources i.e. counselor,
psychologist, etc)
Other grade level activities